What different types of services do you provide ?
What is the difference between Basket Wash and Premium Wash ?
Do you provide Dry cleaning services as well ?
Do you accept clothes for only Ironing also ?
I have a flight to catch in the evening and want my order back the same day, is it possible for you to process my order the same day ?
Do you accept handkerchiefs, inner-wear, etc ?
What if my monthly plan expires and there is still some amount that is unused ?
What if there is unused amount and the plan has expired ?
I live with my flatmates, can all of us buy a single plan and use it together ?
There are just Rs 10 left in my plan but bill of my current order is Rs 100. How are you going to charge me ?
What if some of my clothes are damaged ?
What if some of my clothes are missing ?
What if my clothes are not delivered on time ?


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